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Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 on Mac: The Best Tips to Remove Mac Unwanted Applications Completely of 2016

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Getting failure of removing iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from your Mac? Still look for practical guides about how to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 completely on your Mac? This article is going to show you how to remove an unwanted application from the Apple Mac OS X. Mac Utilities includes types of useful and powerful tools designed for Mac OS X system. These utilities are able to help Mac users in variety of fields. This website indexes thousands of Mac utility applications on the Internet. The sub-categories of Mac utilities could be divided into Backup, Compression, Contextual Menus, Control Strips, File Management, Font Tools, Icon Tools, Screen Savers, Wallpaper, etc. Some users would like to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from their Mac for different reasons. Unfortunately, according to ransom investigation, there are lots of Mac users who have no idea that how to remove unwanted applications completely on the Mac. Most of them only drag the icons of the software they want to uninstall to the Mac Trash. And in their opinions, the Apps have been removed thoroughly. Too much installed applications of course will slow down the system performance, therefore, they have to uninstall the unwanted software to free up more system memory and space. iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 may be one of the unwanted applications you want to remove from the Mac.  


We strongly recommend you read this post carefully before you proceed to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from Mac OS X system. This article will explain very detailed information about removal measures for you.  



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Possible Reasons for Users Who Want to Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0


  • iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 encounters unexpected problems when used on the Mac
  • Users failed to install or update the higher version of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 therefore they have to uninstall it at first.
  • The application has been infected by viruses so that removing the infectious files becomes the priority mission.
  • iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 does not open or unexpectedly quits on Apple Mac OS X.
  • Too many apps installed on the Mac will slow down the system performance, users want to clean up the apps that are not used quite often to release more hard drive space.
  • iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 has been abandoned and replaced by other Mac utilities so the users would like to uninstall it from the Mac OS X.


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    Why Mac Trash or Built-in Tool Can not Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 Completely?


    Applications will generate a great quantity of associated files and leftovers, especially the security software and games when they have been installed successfully on Mac. Those junk files will not be located in the same folders but in different places of the system. Users have to find out and remove the useless files themselves if they uninstall applications with the Mac Trash or App self-uninstaller. What Trash or built-in uninstall tool can remove is only the main executable files of the application. Other components still exits in the relevant file folders. This is quite similar to the Windows situation. We all know that there is a built-in uninstaller called “Add/Remove Program” in Windows system. This uninstall function is designed by Microsoft to help Windows users add or remove programs conveniently and easily. Therefore, over 90% of Windows users would use the function to remove any unwanted programs on their computers. They still keep such habit when using Apple Mac OS X system. Normally, associated files would be divided into three types: additional support files, caches and preference files. If you want to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0, you can find the junk files in these three folders: /Library/Preferences/, /Library/Application Support/,  /Library/Caches/. You should know that neither Mac Trash nor self-uninstaller can detect out the leftovers.  


    The leftovers should be totally removed from the computer after you uninstall the main executable file of the App. Most of the users complain that their Macs are getting more and more slow just because they never clean up the junk files every time when they uninstall unwanted applications. They have no idea what the leftovers are and where the files located in. The system may run unstably and become quite slow because of the less system space. Some users also will receive error messages when trying to install the latest version of the application which they just uninstalled previously. If you want to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 or any other third party applications from your Mac, remember that remove all of the components of the software which will help you avoid further potential problems and free up more space for your Mac.



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    Here we are going to discuss how to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 and remove its leftovers completely. introduces you two methods about how to thoroughly remove it from the Mac OS X. Please follow the iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 removal instructions and execute every step to delete this application easily and effectively.  


    I'm an experienced Mac users, I wanna uninstall apps myself  


    I'm not so familiar with Mac OS X, show me the smartest method 



    How to Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 on Mac Manually


    Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 With Mac Trash


    Everyone including you must know how to remove iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with the Mac Trash function but we still start from the very simple steps to make sure you will not miss any detailed of the instructions. If you have no more patient for the traditional method or you have done it previously, please skip this part to leftovers removal guides directly. Mac Trash is able to help you uninstall the applications from Mac OS X however, it does not have the ability of removing associated files of the apps so that you have to clean up all of the junk files yourself. That is the key point to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 completely.  


    Before start the removal steps, we highly suggest you backup your important files and OS X system firstly in order to avoid any miss deleting or unexpected problems. There is a built-in backup tool called Time Machine of Mac OS X system which will help you save copies of all your files, applications, and system files automatically. If you run out of disk space, Time Machine will also erase the oldest version of the files to release more space for the new ones.  


    Brief tips to backup your files on Mac. 


    Step 1. Attach an external hard drive to your Mac. You would be asked that whether you want to use the disk to backup  


    Step2. Once your external drive is plugged in, go to System Preferences > Time Machine and toggle the switch from "Off" to "On." 

    backup Mac files with Time Machine


    Step 3. Follow instructions in Time Machine preferences to accomplish the backup work.  


    You can restore the entire system and get your information back if there is anything ever happen such as computer crash, virus, accidentally deleted file, or another common tech catastrophe on your Mac. 


    Now, let’s get continue to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with the traditional methods. 


    Step 1: Terminate process of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 via Activity Monitor.


    You need to close down iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 and terminate all processes of it in order to make the uninstall procedure run smoothly.  


    * Please click “Go” menu on the top of your screen and then select “Utilities” option in the list.  

    “Utilities“ under “Go“ menu of Mac


    * You will see “Activity Monitor” icon after you enter the “Utilities”; Launch “Activity Monitor” by double clicking the icon.  


    Activity Monitor“ of Mac


    * Now there must be several processes running in the system background. Please find out the active process of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 and then end up those processes by clicking the “X” button to close this application. 

    Close down applications with “Activity Monitor


    Confirm to quit the process


    Or you also can try another easier method to launch “Activity Monitor”. Press “Command+Option+Esc” on your keyboard then you will see the interface of “Activity Monitor” ; select the process and then choose “Force Quit” to terminate it.  

    “Force Quit” button of Mac


    Confirm your operation in the following pop-up window by clicking on“Force Quit” button.  

    click “Force Quit” button to confirm.


    Step 2: Remove iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 icon to the Trash.


    As mentioned before, Mac OS X Trash function could help you remove the main executable file of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0. It is an effective way to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from the Mac but you still need to finish more things.  


    * Please click on “Go” menu and select “Applications” from the list.  


    Applications under “Go” menu


    * Find out the icon of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0, right click on the icon and then select “Move to Trash” ; Or just drag it to the ” Trash” . 


    * Empty the Trash to remove the main files of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from the Mac. You will receive dialog window asking you if you are sure to remove the items. Please click“Empty Trash”to delete the executable files of this application.  

    click“Empty Trash”to delete the application”


    Step 3: Locate and Clean up Leftovers to Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 completely


    You are almost there to finish the whole removal procedure on Mac. You should know that applications like iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 will generate lots of associated files, junk files and other types of traces when installed on the Mac. For instance, the application support files, caches, plugins, binaries, library, preferences, Dock icon, saved states, etc, all of them could be called additional files. Generally, the leftovers are located in these three folders ( /Library/Preferences/, /Library/Application Support/ /Library/Caches/ ) then you need to find them out and clean up the associated files of the application you just removed previously.  


    * Please click on“Go”menu at the top of the screen and select “Go to Folder”.  

    click“Go to Folder”option


    * Type “~Library” in the blank to get into the library interface.  

    click “Go” to search Library folders


    * Please open “Preferences“ folder and then search the related files of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0.  

    Preferences under Library folder


    * Remove all of the junk files you find out in this folder to the Trash directly.  


    * Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Caches” folder and search all caches of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0.  

    Caches under Library folder


    * Clean up the caches of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0.  


    * Turn back to “Library” tab, get into “Application Support” folder and search all supported files of iMyfone Umate 2.9.0.  

    Application Support under Library folder


    * Delete the supported files associated with the application.  



    Step 4: Empty the Trash to Remove All Leftovers Completely and Permanently


    * Right click the Trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash” to totally erase the useless files right away.  


    click Secure Empty Trash button to remove files


    * Confirm the operation when receiving pops-up Windows as below.  

    confirm to remove junk files


    * Finally, please restart your Mac OS X system for the changes to take effects.  


    Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with Its Own Built-in Uninstaller


    iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 contains built-in uninstall program itself to let users uninstall it easily. Thus you can utilize this uninstall program to remove iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 from your Mac. Please follow the brief instruction to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0. 


    * Launch “Finder” and the enter “iMyfone Umate 2.9.0“ to search out the package. 


    * Double click on the .dmg file and you will be see the uninstall program there. Double click on “Uninstall“to launch it. 


    * You will receive message asking you to open the uninstall application. 


    * Enter your administrator account password to confirm your operation. 


    After you uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with its built-in uninstall program, do not forget to remove the leftovers of it. Just turn back to the junk files removal method and follow the instructions. 


    If you follow the instructions step by step, you have uninstalled iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 on Mac completely now. The manual method introduced above does work and has been tested by the Lab of already. It is the most economical removal method for users however, it is also a time consuming way to uninstall unwanted applications from Apple Mac OS X. We don’t actually recommend you remove software manually unless you have extensive experience in computer technology. Any miss deleting will cause problems and errors on the Mac. In some cases, Mac users have to pay much money to the repair station to recover important data which has been removed by mistake. Therefore, inexperienced Mac users had better do not clean up the various associated files of the applications themselves. We will continue to discuss how to remove unwanted applications from Mac safely and easily.  



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    How to Uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 Automatically


    There are a few of uninstall tools designed for Mac available on the Internet market recent years. You can choose any one of them to help you uninstall unwanted applications like iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 on the Apple Mac OS X system. Professional uninstaller will automatically display all applications installed on your Mac. Just select the application you want to remove and let it analyze all associated files of the app. Click the “Remove” button then you will uninstall the program completely. The whole procedure only takes you a couple of minutes. Moreover, Mac apps uninstaller also can detect out and remove additional files including preferences, caches and support files easily and thoroughly. You have no need to search and delete them one by one.  


    MacKeeper is a great and powerful utility designed specially for Mac which contains amazing functions to uninstall any applications from Mac OS X. Furthermore, this kind of software also helps users optimize the whole performance of Mac and recover their lost data. With this all-in-one Mac utility, you can uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 completely just in a few of minutes. Moreover, MacKeeper provides users with live chat support service in order to help them resolve any Mac problems effectively. 


    Now, let’s get start to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with the Mac apps uninstaller. Only a few of steps, you can easily removeany unwanted applications from your Mac. 



    Download CleanMyMac X, install and launch it (it takes less than a minute).

    click start scan of CleanMyMac X


    Step 2:

    Go to Uninstaller.

    Go to Uninstaller


    Step 3:

    Choose All Applications.

    Choose All Applications


    Step 4:

    Check the boxes next to the app you want to remove.


    Step 5:

    Exit CleanMyMac X, and restart your Mac to let the changes take effect.


    Video Guides to Remove iMyfone Umate 2.9.0 with MacKeeper


    Here, you can watch the video guides to see how the MacKeeper works and how to uninstall the unwanted Mac apps easily. 





    If you follow the removal guides to uninstall iMyfone Umate 2.9.0, you will find it is quite easy to remove applications from Apple Mac OS X completely. You also can refer to the instructions above to uninstall other unwanted applications on your Mac. If you choose to uninstall applications yourself, especially remove the security applications or games, never forget to clean up the associated files to avoid potential problems. Please subscribe the official blog of to learn how to uninstall unwanted Mac apps and how to protect the computer in daily life.  



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