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Fix 100102 error code on Mac - Pro Mac Error Fix Instructions

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It is not a good news for the Mac user getting an 100102 error code on their PCs, and more seriously many of them don't know how to stop the error and get it fixed well, frustrated about this error on your Mac? Take the following instructions to fix 100102 error code and take good care of your computer well.


100102 error code on Mac usually indicates a problem with a specific program, feature or other kinds of operation. The error message will not stop appearing on the machine unless you take an effective resolution to figure it out, so you should try to find the specific cause of the error issue, and solve the problem on the Mac computer.


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What cause the error on Mac


Since the Mac computer always contains many operations and performances, we cannot attribute the 100102 error code to a certain problem on the PC, but we can analyze this common problem on many Mac computers and conclude the common causes of the error issue as following, which are very good for taking proper way to fix 100102 error code well:


  • Computer is threaten and infected by malicious viruses or malware
  • There is no sufficient space on the disk drive
  • Improper program or file removal cause running problem on Mac
  • Invalid or problematic log-in items
  • Too many junk files accumulate on the hard disk



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Negative impacts of the problem


Just like we had talked about the problem on above that getting 100102 error code is not a good news for the Mac computer, because it will creates many troubles and inconveniences for your use of the computer, for instances:


  • Error notification always display when start up or shut down the computer
  • Several programs especially those related to the error cannot launch and operate smoothly on the Mac
  • Programs cannot be installed or uninstalled successfully
  • Some features and functions on the OS X cannot perform effectively


Besides these possible impacts, you might also encounter other problems on your Mac after getting the 100102 error code, so it will be very necessary and important to fix 100102 error code when you unfortunately get this trouble on your Mac. So, what should we do to resolve 100102 error code? Here are some common resolutions according to the common causes of the error.



Instructions to stop and fix 100102 error code



Approach 1 - scan and clean virus infection on computer


Unknown error issue on a Mac computer is in all probability caused by the virus infection, this is because the infected viruses could damage or destroy many files, settings and configurations on the computer, and the error issue will come from such a corrupted or invalid feature on the devices. So the 100102 error code is also very probably caused by the virus attack on the Mac computer, especially you do not have any modification or removal before the error occurs.


To fix 100102 error code with the virus infection issue, you should perform a thoroughly check for your computer system with a reliable antivirus program, and then delete all of detected viruses and threat immediately on the Mac.


Warm tips: before launch the security to scan and remove viruses, please make sure you have already got the latest virus database of the program, or you will need to do a virus database upgrade before virus removal.


Approach 2 - tidy up and clean duplicate files


Generally, installed programs and OS X would identify a particular file for supporting the associated performances on the computer, when there is a duplicate file appears, it will easily mislead the computer system and related programs, and finally cause an error issue on the PC. 100102 error code also could be triggered in such a situation, and you should think about scanning the computer for duplicate files, and delete the unnecessary one on your computer.


Manually checking the duplicate file on computer is an unadvisable resolution and it will take you much of time to complete, instead, it is more advised to scan and clean the duplicate file on Mac will a particular cleaning tool, its automatic performance will help you to clean up all the duplicate file on your computer very quickly and thoroughly.



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Approach 3 - uninstall unwanted and problematic applications


With the use of a Mac, we would gradually install many kinds of programs on the computer, but the problems will just come out when too many apps gathered in one machine, especially the problematic or incompatible program usually cause many kinds of problems on a Mac, they will affect the effective performance of many programs and system's features, this is also a reason for the 100102 error code, in this case, you should do a check for the installed programs on your Mac computer, and choose to download those unwanted or incompatible programs thoroughly.


In turns of the program removal, taking a professional uninstall tool will be a best choice, this is also the most popular way in nowadays for the program uninstallation, this is because the drag-and-clean on the trash in Mac is not a very effective way to remove the program's support files and caches, by contraries, a good uninstall tool can remove the program's package and other associated data completely with an automatic removal, which is much easier and more effective to complete the program removal.  


Traditional way to uninstall a program on Mac


  • Click on the Finder on the Dock



  • Click Applications on the left pane of the Finder's window
  • Locate the program's icon you wan to remove, and drag it to the Trash


  • Right-click on the Trash icon, and click Empty Trash



Approach 4 - Manage log-in items on your Mac


Invalid or problematic logo-in items usually cause the Mac OS X cannot successfully start the related applications as required, and the error code will just display to notify you about the problem, including the 100102 error code, in order to stop the problem and fix 100102 error code well, you should manage your log-in items: delete the items which have been uninstalled on your Mac, and disable the one which does not need to be started automatically.  


Approach 5 - Mange disk usage

Smooth and effective computer performance cannot accomplished without an enough disk space on Mac, if there is no enough space on your Mac, many running problems will be triggered and cause you cannot use the computer effectively. When you find the hard disk space is nearly out of space, you should consider to fix 100102 error code via freeing up your hard disk space, and do not allow the useless and unnecessary data and files taking up too many space, in this case, a disk usage management is very needed.  


Approach 6 - Junk file clean-up


Never think about the junk files also can cause 100102 error code on your Mac? Many people may easily neglect this problem on their Mac computers, but this is really a common cause for many computers getting the 100102 error code. Therefore, to fix 100102 error code, you also need to clean up junk files on your Mac, and a specific clean tool will be a good assistant for you.  


After referring to the above resolution to fix 100102 error code, do you think it is too redundant to completed? Or it will spend a lot of time to accomplish it. Here is an idea that can help you fix 100102 error code more effectively.  


All-in-one resolution - take SpyHunterto take good care of your Mac

SpyHunteris an advanced utility that contains a lot of features that allow you to manage and optimize your Mac computer in many aspects, such as virus removal, duplicate file removal, program uninstallation, date back-up, junk files cleaning, and disk usage management, through which it can help you to avoid many problems and error issues on the computer, including fix 100102 error code, so that you can complete all the above jobs with this optimized utility. 


Steps to remove viruses and junk files


  • Launch SpyHunteron your Mac, and click on Find & Fix on the left pane


  • Then the program will start to check your system, and present a scan result, from which you can see what are junk files and viruses on your Mac
  • Click on Fix Items Safely, and complete the fixing process with instructions



Steps to uninstall an application


  • Expand the Advanced Tools, and click Smart Uninstaller


  • Click on Start Scan button, and select the checkbox beside the program you need to uninstall
  • Click on the Remove button, and click Yes to confirm the removal


  • Wait for a few of seconds till the removal is finished


Steps to remove duplicate files


  • Click on Duplicates Finders on the left pane, and click on Start Scan


  • The program will check for all the duplicate files for you, when the scan finishes, you can delete the duplicate file you don't need.


Steps to manage log-in items


  • Click on Log-in Items on the left pane, and click on Boost Startup


  • SpyHunterwill then present a list of log-in items, please just select the checkbox of the program you need to remove
  • Click on the "-" button to remove the selected item from the list


Steps to manage disk usage


  • Click on Disk Usage on the left pane, and click on Start Scan

  • After then, files and folders on the hard disk will be listed and marked with color (depending on size)
  • Select the folder or file you want to clean, and click on the Remove button


According to thorough check and fix for your Mac computer, I believe that you will be able to fix 100102 error code and avoid many troublesome error issues effectively.  


Video Guides to Fix 100102 error code on Mac

To keep your Mac far away from any error message, you should gain good habit when using the computer. Never visit untrustworthy website and clean up the rubbish remained on the Mac OS X system regularly. Beside, do not download suspicious files from unknown sources which helps you avoid potential system problems. It is highly suggested you always run security software on the backstage to fight against any risk attempting to bring troubles on the Mac whenever you are online or offline. Taking good care of your Mac would absolutely save your money because once it get problems, you have to pay much fee in the Apple support station.



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